Did you want to listen to, download, upload your favorite songs on social media platform? If yes, then you must tried the Resso Mod APK because it offers unlimited and extra key features that are not present in the original application. It offers a vast library of songs and allows you to download and listen to your favorite songs without facing any difficulty. To provide extra songs and videos, this amazing and fantastic application gives you access to multiple social media platforms and unlimited channels. You can choose your favorite song to listen to according to your mood, like sadness or happiness. It also allows you to download the songs for multiple events, like a marriage party, birthday, etc.

resso mod apk


App Name Resso APK
Category Music – Audio
File Size 54.4 MB
Version Latest
MOD Info Vip Unlocked
Publisher RessoModAPK.Net.In
Last Update 1 hour Ago


What is the Resso APK?

Moreover, this amazing application offers updates on a regular basis to provide the most recent and updated content and material for users. This fantastic app offers most trending songs, traditional songs, classic music, and modern music to offer an extensive variety of music and songs. Because of its amazing flexibility and unlimited content and songs, people from all over the world have fallen in love with this app. The application is built to maintain a high level of security and privacy, so you should not be concerned regarding its safety and security because user’s data and information are safeguarded against fraudsters and exploitation. We will go over the app, its amazing and cutting-edge main features, the download procedure, FAQs, and much more in this comprehensive post.

resso mod


What is the Resso Mod APK?

This is the modified and updated version of the original application, Resso. Moon Video Inc. is the developer and publisher of the app to provide extra and additional key features to fulfill the needs and requirements of users. This fantastic application contains a vast library of content and music and permits you to download your favorite music videos according to your desires and moods. You can get access to unlimited channels and multiple social media platforms in order to provide users with vast content. It covers the content in multiple languages, making it an international music streaming app. This wonderful app has won the hearts of people around the world due to the extra and advanced key features and functionality of the app.

Furthermore, this interesting application also allows you to get fame by uploading your content and songs on this fantastic application. This basic and main purpose of the app is to provide a wide collection of songs according to the interests of people with the smoothness and carefulness of people’s ease and comfort. You will never have to face the boring and dull advertisements in the app because it is free from distractive ads. Moreover, it provides an extra layer of protection to the data and information of users because its privacy system is based on a high security system. So, download this amazing and interesting music streaming app on your device and have a great time.

Advanced and Amusing Key Features

A wide Library of Songs

The modified and updated version of the Resso app offers a wide library of content and songs for users to engage their attention. It allows users to download their favorite songs from the vast library of content. 

Access to the multiple Platforms

This amazing and fantastic application offers a wide range of content for users to engage their attention with, and for this purpose, it gives you access to multiple platforms, like all social media platforms and unlimited channels. With this app, you are allowed to search for your favorite songs and download them without facing any difficulties. 



Create a Playlist

The Resso Mod APK is the best and most fantastic application, which has won the hearts of people around the globe due to the functionality of the app. It allows you to create a list of your favorite songs in order to save time by searching it, in this way, you can easily search for your favorite without facing any issues.

Smart Lyrics

The modified version of the Resso application offers you the ability to create smart lyrics for different songs according to your desires and preferences. This app is a complete room in itself, offering so many writing styles and colors that even if you want to write multiple quotes, you can do this easily.

Easy Sharing Option

The Resso APK Mod offers you to choose your favorite lyrics and music and then share them on your social media accounts to gain fame. You can also share these videos, songs, and lyrics with your friends and loved ones without any limitations.


This amazing and fantastic application also offers radio features that catch the attention of people around the globe. The radio of the app is based on multiple channels that never let you get bored.

Free from Boring ads

The Resso Mod APK prefers the ease and comfort of its users, that’s why it has never allowed boring and distractive ads. In this way, this application provides you with a smooth and cool experience.

High Quality Vidoes

Another amazing and interesting key feature of the app is that it offers videos of high quality, which means that the quality of the videos is high. It will never blur or lose quality, even with weak signals and the internet. It gives you a better and amazing user experience.

Offline Accessibilty

The updated version of the app offers another interesting feature, that is offline accessibility. It means that it allows you to watch and download your favorite songs and music online and use them offline. You can use these downloaded music for various purposes, like for editing, travelling, etc.

resso apk


Customization option

The Resso Mod APK app offers amazing customization and personalization options to provide an enhanced user experience. This app allows you to select your favorite and desired language from the list and adjust the audio and video quality according to your preferences and devices.

Safety and security

The modified version of the app is based on a high security and safety system that creates an extra layer of protection that protects the data and information of users from exploitation and scammers. It shows that it is a reliable and secure platform to use. 

Upload your videos

You can not only watch the videos and songs but it also allows you to upload your favorite videos and music on this app and get fame.

Language selection

The Resso Mod APK offers multiple languages for users and allows them to choose their favorite and preferred language from the list of languages. By choosing your favorite language, you can enjoy the huge content of songs in a better way.

Free to Use

Resso Mod APK offers a huge amount of content for its users to amuse themselves without paying money or anything because it is free to use and download. 

Key Features

  • Wide library of songs
  • Safe and secure
  • Free of cost
  • Free from boring and distractive ads
  • Upload your favorite songs
  • Unlimited downloadings
  • Customization and personalization options
  • Video Sharing option
  • Language selection

How do download for ios?

  • This app requires a strong and fast internet connection to be downloaded on iOS devices.
  • To install the Resso app on your iPhone, you have to download IPA and connect your device and USB to the PC.
  • After that, go your mobile’s App Store and search for the app.
  • After navigating the app, locate the search button their and hit it.
  • Now, it’s time to go to the settings of your device and enable the unknown sources.
  • Come back and hit the pop-up install button and wait for a few minutes because it takes a few minutes for the complete installation. 
  • Finally, the app is ready to open. Open it and start enjoying the limitless songs.

How do upload videos?

  • Firstly, go to your app’s profile; if you don’t have the Resso app, download it first and then go to your app’s profile. 
  • After reaching the profile, look for the uploading option, tap on it and select your favorite that you want to upload there. 
  • After selecting the video, put the meta description or meta data in order for the users to easily search for the song.
  • Now, put the cover art for your songs.
  • After that, review all the things and confirm all the elements are completed.
  • Then, tap on the publish button. Now, the video is shared with users on this interesting app.

What caused the Google Play to remove the Resso app?

An incredible and wonderful music streaming app called Resso Mod APK is loved by users worldwide and provides heartfelt content. However, it was abruptly removed from the Google Play Store for an unknown reason. Given that the Google Play Store favors reliable and secure apps for users, we may argue that this application has broken rules pertaining to copyright, security, and other matters. The removal of it from that platform could be temporary or permanent.


Q1: Why do people prefer and favor the modified version of the app instead of the original app?

Because it offers unlimited and additional key features that are absent in the original app.

Q2: Can we use the app offline?
Q3: Is it free or paid to use?
Q4: Why is the Resso app not working in India?


It can be summarized as follows: the Resso Mod APK is an updated and modified version of the original Resso app that offers additional and limitless key features not found in the original. Since everything is free to use and this is the best music streaming application, users are free to watch and download their favorite songs. You can download and distribute these videos across a variety of social media networks. This fantastic platform allows you to upload your favorite videos as well.  Additionally, it regularly updates the content to give users access to the most recent and updated information, allowing them to stay current with emerging trends and new features. Thus, use the previously mentioned methods to download this wonderful app to your device and enjoy a delightful experience.